GIft of Photography for the Gardener

Last week I was the fortunate recipient/subject of a wonderful write-up in the local Litchfield County Times by the incomparable Tovah Martin. Tovah is one of the more prolific, not to mention gifted garden writers around. Truly she is really a fantastic writer. She is very much in demand as a speaker also, and for good reason. She is charming, smart, (brilliant actually), very entertaining and quite knowledgable about all things garden related. Her piece about me was a new angle on what to give the gardener in your life for the holidays, with the answer being either professional photography of their garden (in the form of either a framed print of digital files) or private garden photography lessons, from who else but a professional garden photographer who also does plenty of teaching. We happen to know someone who fits the bill….Click here to read the article.

Tovah Martin posing with the Momix dance troupe

I love this shot of her with the MOMIX modern dance company which I made on location in a field of ten thousand sunflowers cultivated by the company’s founder and artistic director, Moses Pendleton. We were doing a story on Moses and his sunflowers for Country Gardens magazine, literally the day before Hurricane Irene knocked them all down. I have been lucky enough to work with Tovah a number of times, and it is always a dream assignment. First of all, she is a master stylist; she can dress up a garden, a room, a set, any space, with panache and beauty to match any designer. It’s her secret weapon and one she wields effectively. Second, she just knows so much!! I learn not something, but many things every time I work with her. Sometimes it’s about the plants, sometimes it’s about the industry, but it’s always something useful and fascinating. Most important, she is just so wonderful to be with, she is so pleasant and funny and like the famous tv commercial rabbit, she just keeps on going & going….

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